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Business PowerUp

A bundled solution including company email, file management system, and Microsoft 365 productivity apps.

A set of tools and automated processes that kickstart your business, reducing the complexity of deploying separate solutions for different business tasks.

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Document management, collaboration, and eLearning solutions based on Microsoft platforms.

Solves the problem companies face when having to provide information and training to different members of the team by creating one-portal access to internal content and collaboration.

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Automate any process in a simple, easy way with Microsoft Power Apps and Robotic Process Automation.

Allows the elimination of manual, repetitive tasks in the enterprise with automated processes, providing a higher efficiency level.

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Our Cyber Security Lab has created a portfolio of pre-designed analysis and assessments to help you protect your valuable data against unwanted attacks.

Reduces the risk and exposure to internal and external security threats by executing a series of tests and attacks specifically targeted to help your staff prevent un-safe behaviors and exposure of sensitive information.

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Managed Datacenter

Your trustworthy managed services provider with the level of expertise you have come to expect.

Provides an alternative when managing cloud workloads. Focus on high-value IT development and business-related tasks while our technical team manages your cloud infrastructure and applications.

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Hire your own Microsoft Power BI specialist. A certified Microsoft Power BI expert helps you build the dashboards you need to make smart business decisions.

Simplifies the complexity of data analytics. Get customized dashboards delivered to you in record times, saving time and resources while increasing efficiency in business. As many or as little as you need, at a fraction of the cost and time.

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The Azure Squad

Our team of IT professionals whose only job is to identify, test, deploy and increase efficiency for solutions in the cloud, including third-party solutions and products.

Cuts time and costs when migrating workloads to the cloud by leveraging the knowledge and experience only a Microsoft Cloud Solution provider has.

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Supercharged DevOps

Allows your team to develop cloud-native applications integrated through development, testing, protection with the azure security center and processes, all connected under one roof.

Cloudtivity provides a step-by-step approach to cloud-native application development based on Azure DevOps solutions for Microsoft Cloud.

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For us, information security is a priority. We build solutions that enhance availability and continuity while increasing information protection.

Through the integration of cloud-native applications, we help companies build information structures with increased accessibility and security.

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A specific professional resource assigned to your enterprise manages software subscriptions, license assignments, support requests and identifies end-user training needs.

A customized approach that helps companies better manage Microsoft 365 platforms, elevating the experience of hybrid work through enhanced training, personalized application assignment, and specific end-user support.

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No staff? No worries. Cloudtivity provides you with the help you need so; you don’t have to hire directly.

Solves the challenge of finding technical staff in an approach that respects your specific needs, staff allocation, and budget.

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A specific solution to increase technical knowledge in the enterprise. We plan Microsoft Certified training for end-users and technical staff alike, customized to your exact needs.

No minimum commitment. It is consumption-based.