With over 10 years of experience, we have built a relationship of trust with our customers through securing their success by improving their productivity, implementing process automation and executing a high level of service backed by an expert team of Microsoft technicians.

For us, customer satisfaction and reliance in our services is crucial. As such we have a proven record of accomplishment coupled with a level of cloud expertise second to none. More recently cybersecurity consultancy has become both a focus and a priority, to prevent your business from unwanted attacks.



Big storms start with one cloud, big companies start with one dream.

“Big storms start with one cloud, big companies start with one dream.”

| Our CEO


Cloudtivity is the result of a team and a purpose. One team of Microsoft experts in different areas and a common goal. Reach the largest number of enterprises possible with the intent of helping them achieve what they dream. We were born more than 10 years ago, when the cloud was a novel service and most enterprises used to house data and servers on premises.

As we moved along, we witnessed the disappearance of physical servers, and were among the first IT services provider in our region to eliminate hardware. We then dreamed of automation for the procurement of software as a service and cloud services in general.

Today, our core business is cloud usage optimization and security. The Microsoft cloud and business productivity have been our core business since inception. The best way to convey that to our customers was to combine both in our company name. That is how Cloudtivity was born.

Our Process | Framework

Set Goals: Understand business needs and outcome to prioritize your project

Plan for Success: Evaluate assets, identify staff readiness and define cloud adoption plan

Execute: Define operating model, perform migration optimizing cost and performance

Validate: Verify migrated workloads and hand them off to operations management

Manage and Optimize: Oversee to minimize business interruptions and ensure continuity