Support that Works

Our technical team performs under a high sense of urgency and understands how critical it is for customers to have IT infrastructure unavailable or issues with productivity and collaboration apps.

Our staff has the highest level of certifications and over ten years of practical experience so, you can be confident of our capabilities and training skills.

Tech with a Passion

At Cloudtivity, we are passionate about increasing the productivity and performance of our customers by leveraging the power and collaboration that Microsoft Solutions enable.

That is why our customers trust and consider us true partners of their business, as we assure that they achieve the highest productivity with the minimum investment.

Your Data Unthreatened

We are aware of all the danger that is out there. That`s why we offer high-level security advisory, assessment, and implementation to keep you safe from harm.

Our security specialists work with you to evaluate the risks and apply countermeasures to protect your most valuable assets, deploying reliable tools to prevent unwanted cyberattacks.


The cloud’s fundamental premise cannot be cost savings. The benefit of the cloud is efficiency, which can translate into an enhanced business profitability scenario by means of added capabilities or simplified operations processes that create more revenue opportunities. Take a store as an example. The introduction of cash registers in stores did not come with the promise of cost savings. The idea behind them was to prevent theft and provide business management information. The same happened with most innovations.

At Cloudtivity, we believe in cloud-native environments. That is infrastructure and applications built in the cloud and for the cloud. From our interpretation of IT platforms and infrastructures, we’d rather talk about serverless containers, data lagoons, and cloud-native applications. We help companies build processes and applications in the cloud, minimizing security and operational risks and fostering a new model.

The path to transition from a cost-saving model to getting more out of every dollar spent on the cloud also includes elevating the level of knowledge of IT professionals as self-management is becoming more common. As a result, we are increasing our offer for Microsoft Certified technical training. Lots of work, but enthusiastic about it.

Come join the new wave of the Microsoft Cloud.



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