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For a limited time Cloudtivity is offering a complimentary Azure optimization assessment. After the free cloud assessment – no commitment needed – You will have the opportunity to migrate with us at zero cost and additionally enjoy $ 2,000 in Azure Credits plus 2 months of free Managed Services ( L1) *

The complimentary assessment will help you identify: Cost savings opportunities, potential security configuration and usage improvements as well as availability & performance (Monitoring) enhancements, all these aiming to guarantee cloud operational excellence and business continuity at the most efficient cost. Contact Us Today for more details, we’ve been in the cloud business for more than 10 years!

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Cloud Optimization Request:

¡We will contact you soon!

Cloud Optimization Request:

¡We will contact you soon!

Azure: Cost Managing and Resources Optimization

If you have an Azure subscription, you may already know that there are thousands of different things that you can deploy there; from virtual machines and networking solutions to other platform-provided services like web apps, databases, storage accounts, and so on.

And thus, just like many other companies you may have lots of data and diverse solutions created through the portal.

As easy as it is to deploy resources in Azure and as soon as you start to create and delete environments for dev/test and production, your subscription may well start to include unused or hidden resources.

Even some of the resources that were useful one day, may no longer be necessary once you changed the purpose of your application.

Take advantage of the latest updates of Azure resources

Also, due to the continuous evolution of Azure and its increasing competition, Microsoft regularly modernizes the platform with new offers and useful updates to the current services. Some of these services such as virtual machines often get new sizes to accommodate new processors, lower prices and target broader types of workloads.

The Azure Squad, our IT Team with 10 years of practical experience

Having a deeper understanding about Azure and how these changes can affect your workloads is essential to get the most out of your experience with the platform.

Our optimization assessment focuses on providing the help you need to get the most out of Azure to:


There are several factors that affect how much can be optimized, as each customer works with a different scenario and workload, but most of the times they save more than expected

As in some cases, optimization can save between 25% to
40% of the cloud budget.

Contact us to schedule a call with one of our experts to discuss
about the optimization potential of your Azure resources.

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